Would Renters Tell Their Landlord if They Had COVID-19?

Written by Olya Doronyuk

November 18, 2020

As the world continues to fight the pandemic through another potential winter lockdown, there are concerns among landlords about how to deal with tenants who have contracted the virus- Is it necessary to inform all the residents of a building or keep it quiet to respect the privacy of the renters? 

But that question is dependent on another scenario – whether tenants themselves want to disclose their COVID-19 positive status to their landlord. According to a recent survey performed by TurboTenant, 48% of Americans wouldn’t say a word about their positive result. And that might confuse the other half of the respondents that have an opposite attitude towards the situation. 

image via TurboTenant 2020 survey

There are situations where disclosing is necessary- for instance, to qualify for an eviction hold tenants who can’t pay rent because of the virus must prove that it’s impacted their ability to earn money. The rest of the time, however, most tenants are conflicted about what to do. That’s why it’s helpful, as a landlord to create a plan now for how you’d like to handle this unusual circumstance.

Though with safety guidelines and proper sanitary practices, most landlords take precautionary measures to protect their residents from catching the virus, is it effective enough for those living in apartment complexes, for example?  Drop us a comment below to let us know how you’ve been handling it so far.

And check out the results of the TurboTenant survey to see how American renters would react if they contacted COVID-19:


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