Review: Best Property Management Software

Written by Amanda Mears

September 9, 2019

If you manage properties, you probably rely on an army of online tools to get the job done. If not, allow us to introduce you to some property management software that’s going to free up your time and money.

This guide was created for landlords and real estate property managers who manage 50+ properties: you typically need some bigger guns (figuratively, of course) and these are some of the best options out there for managing a large property roster. has done extensive research to round up a list of their favorites. Out of 51 contenders, they narrowed it down to find the best three tools out there for property managers.

They looked at how easy it was to collect rent online, manage maintenance requests, perform tenant screenings, and reconcile the books. So who gets their coveted seal of approval?

  1. AppFolio
    Appfolio is just as intuitive as Buildium, according to the users at, and a better value if you’re managing over 200 properties.
  2. TenantCloud
    This option made the top three thanks to their extra features that don’t cost extra. TenantCloud allows you to create your own microsite for your rentals and has very robust accounting tools.

To read the detailed review and see who they recommend for residential properties, commercial properties, and more check out the full article on

Remember, if you’re new to property management or don’t manage more than 50 properties, these may not be the most affordable option. If you’re a DIY landlord managing your own rentals, stay tuned! We’re working on a guide of the best property management software just for you.


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