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A Tenant’s Lifecycle

From Marketing to Moving Out

Filled with relevant data, comments from experienced players in the rental business, and useful links, this e-book will give you a detailed overview of a tenant’s lifecycle. This guide can help you to earn your tenants’ trust and give them a positive first impression so that they’ll stick around.

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  • How to market your rental most effectively and find better tenants
  • Onboarding your new tenants
  • The best methods to collect rent online
  • How to end your relationship on a high note
This e-book is a hands-on tutorial for everyone who wants to learn how to make rental business effective without paying lots of money for professional service. It`s an all-in-all document that provides you with basic information as well as with the most important criteria of payment systems and links to networking groups and free online tools.
Mary W.

NLA Member