2018 NLA Report

TenantCloud, Rentler, Avail, and TurboTenant have come together to release the first NLA Report that covers trends impacting the rental market. The united effort covers every state in the U.S and over 1.4 million rental units. The report covers everything from rent prices in each state to the most used appliance, with aggregated data on over 3.5 million individuals involved in the rental ecosystem of single-family rentals.

The report brings together data from across the U.S including rural, urban and suburban areas in over 12,000 zip codes. It also has general survey questions that touch on what it’s like to be a self-managing landlord. Single-family rentals make up over 60% of the rental market in the U.S. and most of those are by self-managing landlords, which means this report is the direct pulse of the U.S. economy.